Bermuda Air Transfers

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Bermuda law prohibits hotels from picking up and dropping off their guests at Bermuda’s International Airport. The best way to get to/from Pompano and the Bermuda airport is via taxi, shuttle van service or car service. Once you’ve cleared Bermuda Immigration, collected your luggage and passed through Bermuda Customs, you’ll exit the airport terminal and enter the ground transportation area. 



The following are your three best airport transfer options:


C.E.O Transport, Ltd. provides a non-stop shared shuttle service to and from Bermuda’s airport and Pompano at a cost of $20 per person, each way. 

Your wait time at Bermuda’s airport should be minimal since the only other individuals that might be riding with you will have flown in on the same flight as you, or on another flight that landed at about the same time.  Click here to book your ride. 


The Bermuda airport has a first-in-line policy with regards to taxis that are available to transport you to Pompano. If you’d like to go by taxi, simply take the first available taxi in line. From Monday through Saturday (6am – 10pm), the approximate one-way taxi fare to/from the airport and Pompano is $55 for up to four people. The one-way fare is approximately $65 for five or six people in a taxi. 

Most taxis are only able to carry a maximum of six people at one time. On Sundays, public holidays and late nights/early mornings (after 10pm and before 6am), a 25% premium is added to the regular taxi rate. A $1.00 fee for each piece of luggage is added to the cost of the fare. Pompano’s front desk staff will help you set up your return taxi ride to the airport either the night before your departure day or on the morning of your departure. For reference purposes, the ride to/from Bermuda’s airport and the resort is approximately 40 minutes. 


Those who don't mind paying more for an upscale ride, can opt for a luxury private car experience in one of Bermuda Corporate Transport Limited's BMW 750Li series cars.  These vehicles can accommodate up to three passengers, along with three medium size suitcases.  The fare is $165 each way (same price whether one, two or three people are being transported).  Just click onto their website (www.bct.bm) for more details.