Tom Lamb, from Waban, Massachusetts, fell in love with Bermuda during several vacation trips in the early 1950's. He partnered with a Bermudian friend, Ewing Trott, and started Bermuda's first fishing club.  The Pompano Club was aptly named after the fish found on the shallow sand flats in front of where the resort stands today. In 1956, Mr. Lamb purchased the club outright from his Bermudian partner following the passage of the "Pompano Act" in the Bermuda Parliament. In the later 50's and early 60's, the Club developed into a small hotel becoming known as the Pompano Beach Club. All of the accommodation buildings are named after local game fish as a tribute to the resort's fishing club heritage. Pompano was managed by several different individuals during its first twenty-five years.  Since then, the resort has been run by Tom and Jean Lamb’s three children, Aimee, Tom and Larry - with Tom and Larry having managed the resort together since 1989.